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Meet Stockwell’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Angela Gambell

Angela is our Director of Sales and Marketing for Australia, New Zealand and the US. Starting out as a receptionist 18 years ago, she later became involved in sales and marketing and now leads a team of 15 and manages a portfolio of clients located in several different countries.

Primarily, Angela is responsible for managing sales and marketing in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Day to day, this involves looking after high-profile clients, providing supply chain consultations, presenting solutions and advising on the legalities of logistics such as terms of trade.

On top of that, Angela lends help to her team in any way that she can. She often helps to manage suppliers and operational activities in China, as well as countries throughout Europe and South East Asia where some of our agents are located but a Stockwells office is not present.

When it comes to managing her team, Angela prepares new strategies and KPIs to help guide the team to meet expectations. Our Sales Manager, Rebecca Garbellini, then helps to filter those expectations down to our sales staff.

As can be expected, there are a considerable number of challenges facing the logistics industry.

“Since COVID, there’s been many challenges in everything we do. For example, there are significant space and equipment shortages and getting space on a plane or vessel takes a lot of work.   Administratively our workload has doubled. We’ve also seen a 900% increase in rates due to a surge in demand.  With the demand and equipment shortages comes congestion and to manage congestion shipping lines have to change rotations of vessels when you’re mid sale, which is difficult to keep up with. There have also been numerous port closures, particularly in China due to the new  COVID outbreak.”

Although the freight industry is doing it tough at the moment, there are still opportunities for our team. Angela notes there are always opportunities to help customers improve their supply chains to adapt to the constantly changing world of logistics.

“In my role, things change all the time. I work with a range of different clients such as apparel, confectionery and renewables, and it’s important that I stay in the know about what is happening in all of these industries. For me, it’s not just about getting freight from A to B, but helping with everything in between.

Clients are very passionate about their freight and their own clients, so you need to understand what they’re facing and remain cool, calm and collected to lend a helping hand at all times.”

Stockwell International services over 3,000 diverse clients, so you can understand that getting to know the ins and outs of each industry requires a lot of time and patience. However, it’s important to us that we do everything in our power for our clients, and it’s this personal approach to customer service that sets us apart from other freight forwarding companies.

In her role, Angela finds much fulfilment in her day-to-day activities.

“I love watching my staff succeed. I have many training consultations with my team, and seeing them understand the opportunities and challenges facing each industry shows me that this training is paying off.

When I hear a sale is made because of something I taught my staff, it brings a tear to my eye. In such a tough industry, where there is a lot of rejection, when one of your staff gets a win, it’s very exciting.”

Angela’s current focus is on developing her staff to succeed in the logistics industry. But as a member of the Stockwell family herself, she is also preparing herself to become a part-owner in the future. This involves learning more about accounting and focusing on becoming more competitive against larger-scale companies.

With growth in the sales departments, planned facility expansions, new visions for our line haul service as well as continuous advancements in IT, the next ten years for Stockwell International is looking bright. In Angela’s words, ‘we’re working towards making sure we’re getting the best for our customers, every time.’

To find out more about what Angela and her team can do for your organisation, get in touch. She’s always more than happy to help you and your business succeed in any way possible.

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