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Warehousing Is a Crucial Component of Supply Chain Management

Warehousing and distribution is a crucial component of any supply chain warehouse management system. It’s important to consider your distribution centre expenses as well as your storage capabilities when importing and exporting goods.

As an international freight company, Stockwell International offers integrated global warehousing and logistics services guaranteed to streamline your processes and reduce your expenses. With Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne-based warehousing and distribution centres, we’re able to offer a range of convenient warehousing and logistics services.

How We Can Help

Pick and Pack

As a direct extension of your business, our warehouse operations team follow a streamlined approach from initial order fulfilment to picking the correct quantities and packing them securely, ready for transport.

Overflow Warehousing

To optimise your supply chain, we offer overflow warehousing. With Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne warehousing and distribution centres, we provide flexible storage options to support fluctuating inventory levels.

Bulk Product Storage

Our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney warehousing and distribution centres provide comprehensive bulk product storage solutions. Our warehouses are set up in a way that allows immediate access to your products to support a swift turnaround.

Distribution Consolidation

Similar orders are consolidated prior to distribution to ensure a smooth and economic transition from the warehouse to the final destination. A well-executed consolidation process significantly reduces your supply chain distribution costs.

Container Packing and Unpacking

Proper packing and unpacking of container shipments is vital for efficient, cost-effective and secure distribution. Whether transporting freight via line haul, sea freight or air freight, we guarantee a precise and careful packing and unpacking service.


Whether transporting your goods intrastate, interstate or overseas, you can rely on us to get it there. With established line haul and freight forwarding divisions, you can be sure your shipments arrive safely and on time.

Just in Time Servicing

If your company operates on an as-needed basis, you require a warehousing and logistics service with a focus on swift turnaround times. Our customer service and warehouse operation teams are exceptionally responsive and make it their priority to support your supply chain.

Please note: COVID has made it clear that Just In Time (JIT) shipping for certain commodities may be a thing of the past.

For clients affected, we’ve developed warehousing that will enable companies to have pandemic stock on hand in an Australian or New Zealand location. The best part? Our system will operate according to the shelf life of each product, so companies can rotate stock whilst it’s still commercially viable. We will also alert the company to order more of each item according to the individual cycle.

Additional Services

Warehousing is one of the crucial components of supply chain management. Stockwells offers integrated logistics solutions that are guaranteed to streamline your warehousing and distribution process. We can help you with:
  • Pallet rack storage
  • Bonded storage
  • Unpack-repack
  • Inventory management
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Other Ways We Can Help

Customs Brokerage

As Australia’s first choice customs freight broker, you can be sure your freight is in good hands. For over 50 years, we’ve been providing a reliable, efficient and personalised service for a range of clients.

Find out more about our Customs Clearance service.

Line Haul

We offer an unparalleled distribution network across Australia by using our own fleet of trucks and our well-established relationships with third-party courier companies. Move your freight with ease with Australia-wide line haul and interstate freight services.

Find out more about our Line Haul and Interstate Transport service.

Business Intelligence

In recognising the continuing changing pace, scope, business tools and overall logistics requirements, Stockwell International has developed a Business Intelligence Hub that is completely unique to our industry and forms the foundation of a successful supply chain.

Find out more about our Logistics Business Intelligence service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our warehousing and logistics service? Check out the FAQs.

We operate as an extension of your business and make it our priority to optimise your supply chain by cutting operational costs, increasing productivity, and improving your warehousing and distribution processes.

Stockwell International has warehousing and distribution centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, all of which are capable of storing a tremendous volume of products.

If you’d like to find out more about our warehousing and distribution centre capacity, please contact us.

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