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Globalisation has encouraged considerable growth in terms of competition. The marketplace is saturated with international freight companies that are vying for dominance in a crowded space. Stockwell International offers superior integrated logistics support to lower your product life cycle costs and provide your business with a significant and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our comprehensive logistics solutions offer a combination of ready-to-go solutions, integrated logistics and customised options, as well as consulting experience to review your organisation’s operations and provide cost-saving solutions that streamline your overall process.

How We Can Help

Interface Integration

Our integrated logistics support service includes a client-specific development that ensures the conformity of design and interfaces that synchronise with in-house and external systems using universal XML. By completely unifying logistics-related parameters, our interface integration solution ensures reliability, availability and maintainability of your import and export assets.

Electronic Data Interchange

In order to replace the often complex and unreliable paper trail attached to logistics tracking, we provide a complete electronic data interchange solution that provides a seamless overview of shipment tracking, real-time container tracking, invoicing, web-based order entries for warehousing and more.

Tailored Reporting

Staying up to date with the success and cost-effectiveness of your import and export movements requires a detailed logistics support analysis. Our interfacing capabilities allow us to compile detailed reports tailored to the particular parameters or variables important to your business.

Global Positioning Systems

Using modern GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring equipment, we ensure optimal asset security, enhanced use of resources and improved freight management. Our GPS platform also assists managers with reviewing and tracking operational KPIs.

Logistics Freight Management Systems

In order to coordinate your import and export assets effectively, you need an integrated and seamless digital logistics freight management system. At Stockwell International, we assist you with solutions through our partners CargoWise, so that you can streamline your services door-to-door and port-to-port.

Added Value to Your Business

Stockwell International’s Client Dashboard offers outstanding end-to-end supply chain visibility adding considerable value to your operations. Features of our integrated logistics support dashboard include:

Shipment Tracking

Dashboard Control Room

Business Intelligence and Reporting

The Stockwells Difference

Why a Good Customs Broker is Essential

Read one of our customs brokerage case studies and find out why a good customs broker is essential. One of our clients was looking to export goods from Shanghai to Sydney. 


A customer approached Stockwell’s for a CIF quote request (the ship had already sailed) and asked us to provide our quote for customs brokerage accordingly; this particular customer seemed to have a very good grasp of CIF’s concept and what is involved.

As is standard, we supplied the quote, less the unknown port charges, and the client accepted the quote. When forwarded all of the paperwork, we noticed the commodity was lamps. For classification purposes, we asked what the lamps were made of and were informed by the supplier that they were made from wood. 

We then asked for the treatment certificate (all wood imported into Australia requires treatment). The supplier informed us that the goods were treated ‘specially’ in China and did not require fumigation. We further queried the supplier to ascertain what was included in the ‘special treatment’ to later be informed that they were only painted and lacquered and never actually treated. 

The difficulty with this is that when you leave the arrangements to the supplier you have no control over what happens in the country of origin. If this were FOB, this may have been picked up at a local level and rectified accordingly. 

Unfortunately, when the lamps arrived, DAFF rejected them, and they had to be moved to a treatment facility. The treatment for painted and lacquered goods is one of the most expensive treatments because it needs to be strong enough to permeate the paint/lacquer. 

At the end of the day, this shipment cost the client an additional AU$3,500 in transport moves and treatment. You should also take into consideration that this was 14 cbm, and if it were up to us, should have been sent in a container. Failure to do so cost the client an additional AU$932. 

If the client had approached Stockwell to advise them on the best way to move their freight and ensure clearance, they would have saved a lot of time and over AU$4,000 in incurred costs.

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Other Ways We Can Help

Freight Forwarding

Our comprehensive range of international and domestic air or sea freight services and freight logistics solutions are handled by a team of experts with over 50 years of experience dealing with global import and export complexities and finding cost-effective freight options.

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Supply Chain Consulting

With recent uncertain times, we’ve seen many companies collapse due to poorly managed supply chains. Ensure the longevity and competitive sustainability of your company with expert supply chain consultancy.

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Business Intelligence

In recognising the continuing changing pace, scope, business tools and overall logistics requirements, Stockwell International has developed a Business Intelligence Hub that is completely unique to our industry and forms the foundation of a successful supply chain. 

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Integrated Logistics Support FAQs

Do you have questions about our integrated logistics solutions? Check out our FAQs.

As an integral part of our overall logistics service, our integrated logistics solutions provide customers with a complete oversight of logistics in action. From placing orders, to managing inventory and tracking the timely delivery of imports and exports, our fully integrated interface helps businesses manage the most complex supply chain. 

This oversight helps to lower life cycle costs, ensure the reliability, availability and maintainability of assets and overall support clients in their pursuit of sustainable competitive advantage.

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