Customs Brokerage

Customs Broker & Clearance Services Australia

Customs compliance and clearance is an integral part of supply chain management for any importer or exporter. At Stockwell International, we have almost 50 years of experience providing tailored customs freight services that ensure the fast and efficient clearance of your goods. We use the latest electronic data transfer technologies for customs brokerage in Australia and can assist in current tariff concessions and other relevant import documentation to provide optimal administrative support. This makes us Australia’s first choice customs freight broker.

Clients need reliable and efficient supply chain solutions. Our customs clearance agents possess the technical knowledge, as well as the ability to speak the customs language of tariff classifications, duty drawback, tariff concession orders, free trade agreements and more.

Stockwell designates one person in-house to assist with your company’s compliance. We maintain a 24/7 point-of-contact so that there is always someone available to respond to issues. We understand that freight crosses many borders and time zones and our rapid response can potentially expedite the delivery of your shipment, minimise expenses and solve problems before they escalate.

Stockwell International is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader. This partnership with Australian Border Force removes red tape at the border and expedites the flow of cargo in and out of Australia. By simplifying customs processes with Stockwell, your goods will have faster access to market!

Transform your customs operations today with Stockwells