Port Transport

Dedicated Port Transport Division With Our Own Fleet of Trucks

At Stockwell International, the level of service and control we have of supply chains is highlighted by our port transport capabilities. Unlike almost all other freight forwarders, we do not subcontract transport off the port.

We have a dedicated port transport division with our own fleet of trucks which allows us complete control of the wharf where our transport coordinators liaise directly with the trading ports and our clients.

Our agile team will adapt and work with you to develop a port logistics plan that will assess your operations and include the consolidation and optimisation of your delivery, providing you with a tailored solution.

How We Can Help

Side Loaders

Designed to simplify the port transport process, we can transport full container load cargo by side loaders. The purpose-built hydraulic lifting cranes streamline the process and are controlled by experienced operators.

A Doubles

A Doubles are capable of transporting two full load containers on two joined semi-trailers. With a prime mover pulling a semi-trailer, transportation is extremely secure for long distances.

B Doubles

Similar to an A Double, B Doubles comprise one prime mover pulling two semi-trailers. This is also a standard port transport vehicle used widely for its ability to move multiple loads securely.


Tautliners, also known as ‘curtainsiders’, provide an easy and efficient loading and unloading process. Without first-in last-out packing, tautliners are an excellent solution for general cargo.

Flat Decks

Because the flat platform doesn’t restrict cargo to specific dimensions, flat decks provide flexibility when transporting bulky cargo.

The Stockwells Difference

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Success Stories

Take a read through one of our port transport success stories.

port transport - crane moving shipping container with freight truck waiting in the foreground

A large packing company approached Stockwells with issues around delivering direct to their client from the part.

Some of their clients could only receive 1-2 containers per day some only at night and some only loose delivery.

This left the client with storage bills at the port, detention bills with the stevedores and ongoing issues with chasing empty containers and several complaints from their own clients. 

Our solution was to run all containers to our facility at night and stage them according to each client. Including any unpacking and loose delivery arrangements.

This would remove the container immediately from the port and would allow us to run the containers according to a pre-planned system per client, including empty returns at night keeping costs down.

The pre planning and staging eliminated both storage and detention charges for our client and resulted in their own clients being happier about deliveries.  The planning and management of the empty returns also decreased their stress and workload. 

Port transport in large volumes can get complicated and costly if receival yards do not have the capacity to load and unload quickly or take several containers at once, the additional element of managing empty returns from several different locations also adds to this complication.

We were happy to be able to add to our client’s own service offering and customer support, whilst keep costs and stress levels down due to efficient planning of port transport and empties. 

What Our Clients Say

Other Ways We Can Help

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our port transport service? Check out the FAQs.

Our port solutions are extremely flexible; we can deliver containers direct off any trading port in Australia and deliver them straight to your premises.

We also provide you with the option to have your container unpacked and delivered from our CFS facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Yes, you can. Our advanced transport technology provides our customers with alerts when trucks come off the port and are en-route. Sign on glass also means electronic PODs are available instantly through our track and trace options.

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