Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chains are becoming more complex & risk is harder to manage. Let us put our decades of experience with supply chain consulting and risk minimisation to work for you.

Why engage a supply chain consultant?

A deep dive from the highest perspective often opens a pandora’s box of inefficient practices that have simply been carried on through generations and / or through staff changes.

Inexperienced staff can adopt practices from past staff practices that “work” yet they do not understand logistics and its intricacies, so therefore do not understand cost leakage. No real policy or procedures are set up and the supply chain sluggishly chugs on regardless.

Many companies are too big or have grown too fast. They have different areas of the business operating their own individual supply chains. They negotiate a term of trade that does not suit the commodity. They do not adapt their contract of sale to the term of trade they are using and often have staff ordering here, there and everywhere.

Why choose Stockwell for freight & logistics consulting services?

Supply chain consulting is all about identifying inefficiencies and potential cost savings, then putting a plan together to rectify them. When you are too close to the business, it’s difficult to see inefficiencies for what they are, and oftentimes Supply Chain Managers are too busy to investigate them without assistance.

At Stockwells, we approach cost-savings differently to many of our competitors. Rather than solely working to reduce freight costs, we also consider different terms of trade and other ways we can reduce expenses through schedules and business practices.

As a global logistics company with more than 20 years of experience working with supply chain risk consulting, we know the traps to look out for and where opportunities for becoming more efficient exist.

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