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With over 50 years in logistics, Stockwell International has developed a Business Intelligence Hub that is completely unique to our industry and forms the foundation of a successful supply chain.

As global freight becomes increasingly complex in terms of trade, insurance and freight costs, we bring our decades of experience to help our clients.

We made a business decision to headquarter critical areas and team members of our business in one location. These key business areas are considered the most important and form a business intelligence foundation:

We find that by working in a centralised space, we are more adaptable and responsive. It enables us to collaboratively and quickly bring decision makers together for solutions or to provide a holistic view of clients’ supply chains for better outcomes.

We call this shared space “The Hub” or the brain of the business. It is where decisions are made quickly, deep individual client analysis is done almost daily, and intelligence tools are born. 

We believe it is completely unique to our industry and has been a great milestone in the business. In recognising the continuing changing pace, scope, business tools and overall requirements of logistics, we have been able to set up our business in preparation for whatever is thrown at our clients next.

How We Can Help: Case Study

After reviewing one client’s insurance coverage, we were able to pinpoint every under-exposed shipment, which added up to $20 million. Due to high excess and lack of clarity around when our client had assumed liability for goods, the client was unaware of this potentially devastating miscalculation.

Stockwells was able to underwrite individual policies on multiple smaller shipments, ensuring our client was adequately protected.

How Does It Work?

The Hub is an integrated team of freight and logistics experts who all work together to find optimal solutions for all aspects of freight forwarding and your supply chain.

On a day-to-day basis, our Business Intelligence Hub works on projects like:

  • Securing space on vessels
  • Capturing freight pricing movements for the most economical outcomes
  • Analysing individual supply chain functions, Sales Contracts vs Terms of Trade
  • Performing international negotiations ahead of time
  • In-depth research for more advanced BI Tools based on direct client feedback
  • Insurance exposure based on Terms and commodities
  • In-depth reporting, financial and landed costing
  • Supply chain consulting
  • Project freight


Our job as part of this centralised hub is to make sure your supply chain is reviewed as needed. We provide our customers with fast, efficient, and painless outcomes, essentially replacing the need for a full consultancy agency.



Our team can analyse your entire supply chain through a consultancy session, from top to bottom. Including:

  Terms of trade

  Sales contracts

  Cost of end to end delivery

  Insurance coverage and policies (where are the gaps?)

  Duties and customs (are you getting all the refunds you are entitled to?)

  Volume analysis

  Going through options for business tools that suit your commodity 

A holistic analysis of your entire supply chain provides personalised strategic and tactical business recommendations.

  • Always across ocean freight rates across all major trade lanes, both import and export
  • Negotiate freight rates with all major carriers to ensure we have access to the most competitive rates on the market
  • Oversee the booking process of all import FCL containers to ensure our clients’ cargo is booked on the fastest and most cost-effective services
  • Find solutions to any ocean freight related issues that may arise, including space issues, billing issues, delays, schedule changes, equipment shortages etc.
  • Tailored reporting for clients, including volume, spending, trade-lane and supplier analysis
  • Identify opportunities to promote correct supply chain processes
  • Identify and rectify discrepancies in client master data and analysis for projects and consultancy
  • Analyse data for potential sales and business development opportunities
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews of overall business performance

Reporting is a top priority in the Hub. Our staff ensure all reports are up to date and to the highest standard. 

We offer comprehensive business intelligence tools:

Track & Trace: track your shipments and all paperwork associated with them.

Client Dashboard: a full suite of sophisticated, high level reporting and analytics dashboards. Get a 360 degree view of your freight and supply chain with every report you need to run your business.

Our reporting offerings are ever evolving, as we are continually on the hunt for transparency and business tools that suit our clients’ needs. 

How We Can Help: Case Study

One of our legacy clients was considering switching freight forwarders because they were looking for something that actually turned out to be impossible as outlined in their terms of trade.

Our Business Intelligence team identified the problem before any action was taken and informed this particular client that in order for them to secure what they were after, they would have to re-negotiate their terms of trade.

They were unaware that our team had the expertise and capability to identify these kinds of issues and re-negotiate on their behalf.

They were thrilled with the outcome.

Problems We Solve

Our Business Intelligence service investigates almost all problems within the logistics arena. How we help each client is completely individualised, but some ways we can help include:

Why Choose Stockwell International?

We consolidate pricing, analysis, sales, line haul and marketing all under the one roof. This collaborative approach helps us to improve planning and react nimbly with more information.

Combining the business side supply chain, particularly the pricing, analysis and sales services, naturally formed an intelligent foundation for any supply chain. Hence, we opened our office for Business Intelligence.

The Hub encompasses not only the functions of a supply chain but the business tools behind them. From analysing sales contracts and terms of trade to offering a suite of Business Intelligence dashboards for finance, landed costings, supplier spends, and more.

The inclusion of pricing in the Hub enables us to hold both overseas freight contracts and local freight contracts, a rarity in Australia.

Whilst that might not mean anything on the surface, it means we can provide our clients with more schedule options and better price outcomes.

It also means that we have control over all of our own volumes locally and never have to rely on overseas partners to find capacity for us.

The Stockwells Difference

Whilst we have grown exponentially in recent years, we still see ourselves as the same family owned and run business we were in 1971.

The ethos of family is ingrained in everything we do, from the way we treat our staff and clients to the friendships we have formed along the way. Service has always been sacred to us and it remains one of the hallmarks that sets us above our competitors.

With such personal care and attention to detail we have been able to put our time and energy into nurturing our business suite of services which have all been developed from feedback from our best clients.

We are unique because we are a full-service logistics business at an international level offering the best of business intelligence whilst still maintaining ideologies of family and service first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our logistics and transport business intelligence hub? Check out our FAQs.

Unlike most freight forwarders whose internal teams operate in silos, at Stockwells our freight and logistics experts work together in a shared office (The Hub), creating an integrated and collaborative team of wide-ranging experts. By creating this collaborative team, we can find the best solutions for our clients. 

The Business Intelligence service is free of charge.

The Business Hub is a collaborative approach that brings together a suite of services and enables us to provide our clients with more intelligent information and more meaningful data, in an efficient manner. When experts from many areas of freight and logistics come together to collaborate, outcomes improve exponentially.

The Hub is about delivery intelligent information quickly and succinctly in order for a supply chain to react within its own limitations.

For example, we make sure all of our clients are aware of longer transit times or lead times before it becomes an issue. 

We also introduced a system that alerted our clients regarding commodity shelf lifetime, given they had to store more, locally. The system alerts our customers of their impending shelf life “death” and to order more “stat”. We set shelf life limits based on lead times from overseas origin.

Yes, our Business Intelligence Hub is only available for Stockwells clients. 

Make the most informed decisions possible with Stockwells