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Meet Stockwell’s Sales Operations, Jessica Siemon

At a time when supply chains are in mayhem, and congestion and delays and freight costs are at the top of department heads agendas, we’ve created a newly developed Sales Operations position to help pick up the pieces.

Introducing Jessica Siemon. Jess’ newly appointed position takes on board the additional time some accounts require, offering more flexibility and agility for our clients.

Sales Operations is responsible for providing detailed reporting, communication, after-hours attention and general supply chain support and/or maintenance. We have funnelled these accounts into the Sales Hub where pricing, sales, consultancy, marketing and research sit. They are looked after with the additional detail required to keep these particular supply chains operating and functioning at a high level through this pandemic and beyond.

The proximity to pricing and other portfolios and resources within the Sales Hub means decisions and strategies are executed at the highest level in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

As you can imagine, Jess has been busy in her first month in the position. However, she says she loves a challenge and is keen to bridge the gap and provide better service and solutions for our clients.

After almost seven years here at Stockwells, Jess knows our processes from back to front, making her more than capable of the responsibilities in her new role.

Though she left the logistics industry in pursuit of completing her chef apprenticeship, she soon realised her passion still lay with our industry. And lucky for us – she came back!

“I came back because I realised the logistics industry is just unlike any other. There’s always something happening, which makes it challenging but also so rewarding when you provide solutions that make clients so appreciative.”

Although the industry is facing some pretty significant challenges at the moment, like port strikes happening across Australia and port congestion across the globe, Jess remains optimistic.

“I’m hoping things will return back to normal in the new year. That’ll definitely make our jobs easier and make our clients happy, that’s for sure.”

We are excited about Jess’ new position and whilst it was born from the pandemic and the additional support required during this period, we believe it has a place within the department into the future, particularly for supply chains that are a little more complicated than others or due to staff changes within the supply chain which require more coaching and direction than others.

In the future, Jess plans to use her knowledge and expertise to bridge the gap between issues and solutions for our clients. She thrives on praise and appreciation from clients and her colleagues in return.

Congratulations on your new role Jess, we can’t wait to see you continue progressing and making all the difference for our clients and our company.

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