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Meet Stockwell’s Pricing Manager, Mathew Grundy

Since starting as Marketing and Business Analyst in 2018, Mathew has progressed rapidly within our tight-knit sales team. His successful career began at Griffith University, where he studied a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Marketing and Management. Though he was new to the logistics industry when he completed his studies, we knew he had the right attitude, skillset, and motivation to succeed here at Stockwells.  

After nine months in the position as Marketing and Business Analyst, Mathew decided to take his career down the business management route. So, when the opportunity arose to step into a more senior role as Pricing Manager, Mathew grabbed it with both hands. He has since been in this role for a year and a half and is making waves in the sea freight industry.

As Pricing Manager, Mathew is responsible for liaising with global shipping lines, negotiating and gathering ocean freight prices and communicating those rates with the rest of the team. He is the main point of contact between Stockwells and the ten major shipping lines, so he is kept very busy maintaining relationships with the shipping lines and the Stockwells team and ultimately hustling to provide the best rates possible for our customers. 

“At the moment, it’s very difficult to book space on a vessel, so it’s so important that we maintain those relationships with the shipping lines to ensure we’re getting the best deals for our customers.”

Mathew’s position has become increasingly challenging in the last 12 months. In response to the snap lockdowns occurring across the globe and subsequent port congestion, ocean freight prices have skyrocketed.

“At the moment, prices are four times higher than they were 18 months ago, and because we don’t own the containers or ships, the extreme ocean freight pieces are, unfortunately, out of our control which is incredibly challenging for us as well as our clients. Unlike our port transport service, where we own our fleet of trucks and set our own competitive prices, we just have to do our best to secure the best possible prices for our clients.”

In his role as Pricing Manager, Mathew says critical thinking is key. With so many different ways to move freight from point A to point B, it’s essential to consider each one before we make our recommendations to the client.

“One of the benefits of our service at Stockwells is that we consider every avenue. In this industry, you can’t just give a client one option. You need to provide at least four or five, so they can decide on the most suitable option for their business needs at that exact time. Every business is different, and it’s our job to provide the best options possible.”

While there are so many challenges facing the freight industry, Mathew and the team remain optimistic about the future. Word in the freight industry is that when lockdowns are a thing of the past, we should see the market settle and a return to more reasonable prices.

To find out more about how Mathew can help secure the best possible prices and move your freight from A to B as seamlessly as possible, get in touch today.

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