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Line Haul and Domestic Transport Update with Austyn Gambell

Celebrating a year since launching our Line Haul and Domestic Transport service, we’re reflecting on where we started, where we’re at now and what we’re looking toward in the future, with an update from our Line Haul Coordinator, Austyn Gambell.

Since September last year, we’ve come a long way in terms of service and delivery. Thanks to the consistent support of our existing customers as well as one-off clients, we’re ready to go full steam ahead over the Christmas period, ensuring reliable and timely delivery for our domestic clients. However, that’s not to say we haven’t experienced our fair share of challenges over the past 12 months. 

As anyone in the freight and logistics industry would understand, COVID has thrown a pretty massive spanner in the works. Restrictions and lockdown saw a massive surge in demand for goods, and that’s been felt down supply chains for quite some time now.

Not only has there been a significant surge in demand, but Aussie truck drivers have also been subject to regular testing and now, the recently announced requirement for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, has thrown another spanner in the works and slowed down interstate transport.

On top of all of this, similarly to shipping, we’ve seen a pretty significant rise in prices like registration, insurances, and labour, meaning we’ve had to adapt. Relaying this information to clients is never enjoyable, however, we’re thankful for our loyal customers that have been understanding that this is just the nature of the industry.

As we near Christmas time, we’re expecting to see a pretty big increase in demand. So for those of you planning on having your freight delivered across Australia by Christmas, we’d suggest being prepared early this year, and expect some delays. 

If you’d like to ask us any questions in relation to the current situation, or how you can ensure the timely delivery of your freight over the holiday season, get in touch. We’re always here to put our client’s minds at ease.

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