Stockwells News Alert 26/2/19

Rate Increases

Infrastructure (INF)

Patrick and VICT have announced that they are following DP World and are making significant increases to their landside Infrastructure Charges effective March 2019.

As a result we will be bringing our Terminal Fees into line with those for DPW.

From 1 March 2019 our Fees for all terminals will be:

  • Brisbane/Sydney: AUD85.00
  • Melbourne: AUD95.00
  • Adelaide: AUD55.00
  • Fremantle: AUD45.00

This fee applies to full container movements into or from the terminals.

Freight Increases

From 1st April 2019 rates from USA/Canada via East-West & Gulf Coast ports to Australia and NZ will increase by:

  • USD175 per 20GP
  • USD300 per 40GP

CFS Facility Fee – LCL USA

Due to continuous costs in running a CFS in USA to all Australian and NZ destinations, we have been advised that effective the 1st April 2019 a CFS Facility fee will be applicable of USD40.00 per bill of lading.


Please be advised that with the continued increases in tolls, compliance, safety and other transport and port related costs, Stockwell International are no longer able to continue to absorb Tolls within your current transport rates.
This decision does not come lightly and although we  are continuing to absorb a great deal of these costs, we need to maintain our viability to ensure you continue to receive the highest possible standard of service.
Please note that effective immediately the tolls applicable to your transport leg will be applied at cost, in addition to your current charges
Toll charges information can be found at the following links;
CityLink –
EastLink –
We appreciate your understanding and continued support in this matter.


USA Import Waiting Times

Please note that with the continued trucking issues in the USA, we are now experiencing extremely long waiting times at airports and LCL (less than a container) depots.

Along with this, many air and sea carriers have reduced waiting times, leaving us exposed to increased and out of the norm costs. Be advised we are doing everything we can to keep unexpected costs to a minimum. However, during this time, waiting and storage may be unavoidable.

Singapore Delays

Please be advised Singapore is currently facing congestion:

  • SYD/MEL/BNE shipments: pending about 8-14 days in Singapore
  • FRE/ADL shipments: pending 7-14 days in Singapore

Weather Issues

Brisbane – Cyclone Oma

Per BOM advice regarding a severe weather event in Cyclone Oma, this has affected and delayed vessels coming to / from Brisbane port. Due to this event it has seen pilotaged suspended and expected to resume 25th February 2019. Please check with your customer service representative to see if your cargo has been affected.

USA – Snow / Ice Storm 

Currently the Northeastern and Midwestern states are experiencing snow / ice storm causing dangerous conditions. Due to this, delays are expected with road deliveries and also airfreight. Over 1500 flights have been cancelled, causing ripple effects with further delays. Please check with your customer service representation to see if your cargo has been affected.

New Shipping Line Service

AAX2 Service

Please note there is a new service AAX2 which will see a direct call ex Ho Chi Minh to Brisbane with a service time of 16days. Key facts of this service;

  • Rotation: Ho Chi Minh, Port Kelang, Singapore, Jakarta, Brisbane, Sydney, Townsville, Port Kelang, Ho Chi Minh
  • Fastest Transit time Jakarta to Brisbane (10days) and Sydney (12days)
  • Weekly service to / from Townsille

Airfreight Screening Facilities

Effective 1st March 2019, it has been announced that ALL airfreight cargo leaving Australia will require 100%-piece level screening similar to what has been happening to the USA for some time now.

For FAQs regarding export screening requirements, please look here:

BMSB Requirements

Fumigation Requirements to Australia

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Expect delays on inbound containers under 2018-19 Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) seasonal measures due to workload associated with these clearances.

The Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued guidelines and instructions for the 2018/2019 high risk season (1st September 2018 to 30th April 2019) to prevent brown marmorated stink bug «BMSB» infestations.

These guidelines introduce higher inspection and certification requirements for target high-risk and risk cargoes from target high risk origin regions.

Any target high risk or target risk goods manufactured in, or shipped from these countries are subject to the BMSB seasonal measures.

Target high risk cargoes

Break bulk including vehicles, machinery and equipment Bricks, tiles, ceramics, steel, stone, cement

Target risk cargoes

Chemicals, minerals, fertilizers, wood pulp, printed matter, straw, cardboard, paper plastics, wadding, tyres *Indicative list only, Comprehensive details and updates on the BMSB webpage

Target risk countries

United States, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Japan, Korea and China.

To read more click here and here

Handling Instructions for Unpack/Repack

Given the vast amount of action on our Borders for Stink Bug and increased security, it is extremely important to make sure we have handling instructions on file for your cargo, as chances your cargo could be inspected and unpacked is now more likely than ever before. Be it fragile, re-pack instructions or heat/weather related instructions we will need to have these on file to pass to Quarantine offices.

Please pass on all or any handling instructions you may have to and we will update your files accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Stockwell International NZ News!

As previously mentioned, Stockwells NZ have moved to a new premises:

Building 2, 195 Main Highway

Ellerslie, Auckland 1051



Staff Profiles

Over the next few months, Stockwells will be providing staff profiles, so you can get to know your representative of Stockwell International!!


Job Title: Director Sales & Marketing

My role includes managing new sales, current client retention and expansion, rates negotiation, freight consultation and marketing activities.

My previous experience includes: Avco Finance credit controller, Suncorp Bank customer service officer, Suncorp Metway business analyst and Whittaker McNaught Private EA.

I never thought I would end up working for the family business, it seemed so boring when I was younger. I felt that having outside commercial experience was important, however, fate stepped in with me losing my job (long story) and I was given an opportunity as a sales and marketing representative. The rest is 17 years worth of history. Let’s say I found my calling!


Job Title: National Sales Executive

At Stockwells my role includes identifying,  developing and managing new sales and current clients, ensuring all customers have a tailored logistics solution that suits them.  By communicating with both clients and our suppliers regularly, I can consistently review accounts to ensure we are delivering the most efficient personalized service possible.

I have no previous experience, as I was fresh out of school 12years ago!!

Im a mum to two babies and two fur babies!! I love footy (NRL), cricket, V8s, F1and swimming (and my weekends usually revolve around watching some sort of sport on the tv).

Since starting at Stockwells 12 years ago, not only did I find a job to start paying my parents board, I also found a career that I genuinely love coming to work day in and day out!

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