Stockwell International News Alert – 4th Oct 2019

Ocean Freight Peak Season

Please note that space is tight Ex North-East Asia and South-East Asia up to the end of November. Overbookings and rollovers are still occuring into October as we are now in peak season. Despite the fact we are in peak season, shippings lines are continuing to implement blank sailings and this driving up demand, and therefore prices, even further. Please continue to send bookings in as early as possible to ensure space is secured. The GRI (General Rate Increase) for October has been imposed as we are now in peak season.
Where possible if your cargo suits a NOR (Non-Operating Reefer) we will try and secure this type of container as these are prioritised for repositioning purposes.
We ask our clients to remain understanding and supportive of our staff during this difficult period as we are doing everything we can to try and secure space on vessels.

Rate Increases

LCL Shipments ex USA to Australia will also be subject to a GRI, effective 18th October 2019. Increase will be USD$4 w/m.

Sideloader Levy

Stockwells Sideloader Levy is now $75 per container.

Empty Booking / Dehire Fee (all ports)
– Monday to Friday: $45 per container
– Saturday and Sunday: $55 per container

Sports Supplements Importers Notice

The Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture wish to advise importers of formulated supplementary sports products that some products found in sports supplements are not compliant with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code and may pose a risk to human health.
Under the Imported Food Control Act 1992, it is an offence to import food into Australia if it poses a risk to human health and penalties apply.
Information on non-compliant products can be found here.

Handling Instructions for Unpack/Repack

Given the vast amount of action on our Borders for Stink Bug Season and increased security, it is extremely important to make sure we have handling instructions on file for your cargo, as chances your cargo could be inspected and unpacked is now more likely than ever before. If your goods are fragile, re-pack instructions or heat/weather related instructions need to be provided to Stockwells and we will then have these on file to pass to Quarantine offices.
Please pass on all or any handling instructions you may have to and we will update your files accordingly. Thank you for your cooperation.

Upcoming BMSB Season


In response to the rapid expansion of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) throughout Europe and North America, the Australian Goverment has strengthened the seasonal measures to manage risk of BMSB from arriving in Australia for the 2019-20 BMSB risk season.
For the 2019-20 BMSB risk season, measures will apply to certain goods manufactured in, or shipped from target risk countries, and/or vessels that berth at, load or trans-ship from target risk countries from 1 September 2019 and that arrive in Australian territory by 31 May 2020 (inclusive). The seasonal measures do not apply to goods entering Australia as air cargo.
Mandatory treatment must take place on high risk goods being imported from a number of countries including Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, France, USA. To avoid additional and unnecessary costs, please make sure you notify your suppliers of approved fumigators in each region. A list of approved treatment providers can be found here. Treatments conducted by an unapproved treatment provider in a target risk country will not be recognised as valid and the goods will be subject to onshore treatment (if permitted), or be directed for export.
Full details regarding high risk goods and target risk countries can be found by clicking the link below.

BMSB Treatment Costs – Australia

During the BMSB Season we suggest fumigating all cargo for FCL at origin. This will be quoted at the time of quotation or booking depending on your requirements. If fumigation cannot be completed at origin and it needs to be arranged in Australia, Stockwells will be able to assist you with this quarantine requirement. For FCL container fumigation, the cost will be as follows for methyl bromide treatment only;
20GP = $720 AUD per container
40GP/HC = $950 AUD per container

+ GST 
In addition to the above, cartage costs to the depot will also be applicable.
If your goods require heat treatment instead of methyl bromide, additional costs will be applicable.
For LCL, treatment must be completed before entering Australia. See the table below for charges out of affected countries. Additional countries will be added shortly, we are waiting on coloader final costs for these regions.

BMSB Treatment Costs – NZ

Stockwells NZ wishes to notify clients that LCL shipments ex USA will be charged USD$30/cbm (Minimum USD$150). Further costs will be notified in the near future.
This season, NZ has also introduced an additional 16  affected countries, bringing it to a total of 33 countries. Details on the upcoming BMSB season in New Zealand can be found here:
For further info, please contact your NZ customer service rep.

Upcoming Chinese Holidays

Please be advised of upcoming Chinese Public Holidays where offices will be closed on the following dates:
National Day: Oct. 1-7
Please be organised and get your shipments arranged early to avoid delays during this period as space is sure to tight before and during this period.
Chinese New Year 2020 is Jan. 24-29 so please keep this in mind for the start of next year!

Upcoming Public Holidays 

7th October – NSW & QLD (Labour Day)
25th, 26th December – Christmas/ Boxing Day
1st January – New Years Day

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