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Farewell to our founder, Brian Stockwell

Celebrating 50 years of exceptional leadership.

In August this year, we said goodbye to our founder and industry legend, Brian Stockwell. He passed away at the age 78, with his loving family by his side.

In his 50 years of business, Brian never lost his focus and love for his business. Even just a few days before his passing, he discussed the latest figures with his children and our CEO.

Brian’s love for his business, his family and the Stockwell team has created a strong foundation that allowed Stockwell International to reach its 50th anniversary but has also set us up for the years ahead. 

Although he will always be remembered as a successful businessman, Brian had many interests and hobbies, including his beloved boat, ‘The Seadog’, the Bulldogs footy team, skiing, fishing and cycling. At each birthday, Brian would celebrate with a ride on his bike, the distance he was turning in kilometres.

He will also be remembered as a very generous and loyal man, having supported many causes from Cancer Awareness, Motor Neuron Disease, to the education of children living with intellectual disabilities and environmental plights. Brian and Stockwell International have also sponsored several sporting players from his own grandchildren’s football teams to surf lifesaving.

His legacy will live on through his family and the Stockwell brand. 

Cheers to our leader, father and friend, Brian Stockwell. May you Rest In Peace.

In his memory, please find the time to read and reflect upon Brian’s treasured poem, Desiderata.

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