Select the right freight forwarder in Melbourne for your business

Selecting the right freight forwarder in Melbourne for your business is complex. There are many variables to take into consideration when selecting the right freight forwarder. You need to trust the company you select will deliver freight on time in optimal condition at a competitive price. Deliveries are often time sensitive so, you need leading […]

Shipping CIF good and Bad

shipping CIF

I have recently wrapped up several assignments with some very Iconic Australian companies.I have analyzed copious amounts of data and at the end of the day, I find it utterly astounding how much a lack of control still exists on some of these supply chains. This can be in the form of CIF shipping or […]

Overbooking and the Stress of Shipping

the stress of shipping

One of the most crucial stages in shipping is booking the right vessel for freight, there are many things to consider, price, transit times and destinations. This is made more difficult for both the shipper and shipping lines alike as year after year there are overbooking’s of space on vessels.

Buyer Consolidation World Wide

buyer consolidation worldwide

Our consolidation services bring fantastic new opportunities to save time and money for your business! We have well-established warehousing, consolidation, pick n pack and quality control in most countries.

Case Study Two – CIF LCL Shipments

CIF LCL Shipments

Case Study Two on CIF LCL Shipments….please read on for our second case study on the downside of CIF LCL shipments. Case_Study_-_CIF_shipments_2

Buyers Consolidation Services

Buyers Consolidation Services

Buyer’s consolidation services are an efficient way of shipping goods which allows for reduced costs, reliability, and minimal cargo handling. If our customers receive goods from multiple suppliers, we are able to consolidate their goods through our buyer’s consolidation services, worldwide. This service allows for a leaner and more efficient supply chain; dedicated containers are […]

New Importer of the Month

New Importer of the Month

  Stockwell International would like to congratulate our new Importer of the Month   Simply Clean.   Simply Clean is cleaning made simple.   Simply Clean is a range of cleaning products designed by Victoria, a mum of three, to promote safe hygiene practices in your home. Simply Clean products prevent mistakes like washing your […]